Friday, July 28, 2017

2017 Write 31 Days Challenge

 Welcome! This page lists a day to day working outline for my Write31Days writing challenge. Click on the link and join the fun!  

This year, I have challenged myself to write a little differently than I have in the past. I absolutely love, love, love, my subject. There is no way that I am going to run out of content or lose interest, and I hope you will be as excited about the subject matter as I am.

Art... that's right, I'm going to throw some art your way, along with some one day craft projects (hint: some might have to do with Halloween... but not all!) and some fun thrown in as well, makes for a good mix of 31 days of writing. Please join me! To view the blog in it's entirety, click here, Otherwise, click on the day you wish to see below.

1.    Introduction to the Write 31 Days Challenge
2.   Organizer pages
3.    Art project
4.    Whimsical Notebook Cover (Jazz up plain notebooks, journals, etc.
5.   Fall Floral Arrangement for your table
6.   Perfect Polymer Pendant for Fall
7.    Homemade Tamales- Everyone wants to try these!
8.   " The Road Less Traveled"
9.    Party Invitations, never too early to think about
10.  Fall Folder, School or Work, cute!
11.  Quick Quilted Throw for Those Cool Evenings
12.  An Abrupt Halt
13.  Fall Floral Wreath for your Front Door
14.  Faerie Skeleton for decorations
15.  Pumpkin Scones for Tea
17.  Snacks Teens(and 
       Adults) Like to Eat
18.  Friendly and Fast  
19.  Best Brownies Ever!
20.  No-Sew Costume for a boy
21.  No-Sew Costume for a girl
22.  Relaxing Brunch for a Sunday!
23.  Goody Bags, Big and Strong!
24.  Cookies: Leaves and Cute Fall cutouts
25.  Baking Bread for Family Night (it's not that hard!)
26.  Ideas for handouts.
27.  Treat  Bags for the Trick-or-Treaters
28.  Decorating the Yard!
29.  Fun and Hauntingly Fast Decorations for the Season
30.  Fabulous Fall Meal, Fast
31.  Special Treats

This list is a working outline, there may be changes, so please check back to see if the subject you are looking for will be on the day given or if it has been moved or deleted.

There is a page listing all the needed supplies for each project listed. if a subject is dropped, it is because the subject was not well received, and has been replaced.
Each list of supplies has been thought out carefully, but it is not in any way my responsibility if the supplies are bought early and the subject has been dropped or moved. All instructions are given with no liability to the outcome of individual projects as created by the reader.

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