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2016 Blog Posts for the Write 31 Days Challenge

31 Days Blog Posts --2016

This page contains the  list of blog posts for the 2016 Write 31 Days writing challenge.
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This year, I am continuing the theme of Jewelry making and sales... with a bit of a twist. I am including people who work outside the "accepted" field... beading, wire work, clay...

There is a whole world out there... of jewelry that we ignore because it is not what we have come to expect as the norm... and there is some really great stuff out there.

Last year, I included some makers that think outside the box... People who make jewelry out of found objects, that make jewelry from non-traditional materials... and a metal clay artist... who gets grief because some people don't think silver clay is real silver.. or that making a piece of jewelry from metal clay is somehow not working with metal...
Or the person I wasn't able to interview but had conversations with... and I also found that some people out there actually don't count wax carving and lost wax jewelry as actually being hand made...even when all the work is done by hand...There are some interesting ideas out there... I'm going to explore some of those ideas... try to dispel some of the myths and find answers to questions that you might have about where and how jewelry is made.

Look forward to more surveys, more opinion polls, more questions into how people look at jewelry differently... from the fundamentalist jeweler to the out of the box, radical jewelry artists  Join me... for this interesting and what I'm sure will be a bumpy ride through October with Jewelry: Manufacture and Sale of Wearable Art.

Each day, a different blogpost will be added to this list. Please come back from time to time to see the new entries.

9.   Body Jewelry
November 1-

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2015 31 Days Writing Challenge---Posts

Welcome to the 31 Days writing challenge! 
Join in the exploration of the experience of design, manufacturing  and  sale of jewelry in the United States and around the world! This year, we are taking a journey into the workroom as well as the booth/shop/online sales of a number of jewelers that will leave you captivated. 
Come along!
Each day will bring a new link to a new post, filled with pictures and information and artists from across the country as well as around the world, I hope you will come back often and enjoy each visit. 

Please choose a day to read, and click on the link 

October1-- Jewelry-From Concept to Sales-The Beginning

October2-- Gems and Metals- The Stuff of Dreams and Power

October3-- Why Adorn?

October4-- How you become a Jewelry Artist

October5-- Concept and Design- Paper, Pencil and Computer

October6-- Tools of the Trade- Just a Few

October7-- Tools- Never enough!

October8-- Meet Richard Salley

October9-- Workbenches

October10- Introducing: Al Martinez

October11- You Say Benchpeg, I Say Benchpin.

October12- Introducing: Lorena Angulo-Metal Clay Artist

October13- Metalsmith? TheControversy between the terms Metal Clay artist vs Metalsmith

October14- Precious Metals--Extraction and Applications

October15-  Manufacturing- Mass Produced vs OoaK

October16-  Style
October 17- Where do Beads Come From?

October18- Lea Avroch- Glass Artist
October19- Where do Seed Beads Come From?

October20- Meet Ginger Allman- Polymer Clay Artist

October21-  Chemistry-Modern Materials in Jewelry
October22- More Workroom 

October23-  In Between

October24- Cristina Hurley Jewelry

October25- Chain Jewelry Stores vs. Local Artisan

October26- Meet Scott Schreiber of Scott Schreiber Jewelry Design

October27-  Guilds, the Fellowship of Ring Makers

October28- A look at Brian Gavin Diamonds

October29- The Future of Jewelry

October30- So... I've Got Some Jewelry, What Now?

October31- Beauty and the Business

Post Script--- Thank Yous and the Future

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

31 Days of Vision Blog Posts

Introduction--  September 30,2014-My 31 Days of Vision

Day 1---October 1, 2014-From Superheroes to Spectres

Day 2-- October 2, 2014-Facts are Facts, Lets Get Them Out of the Way

Day 3-- October 3, 2014- Get Back to Work!

Day 4-- October 4, 2014- Softball, Not a Sport for Sissys

Day 5--October 5, 2014-Miricles in the Midst of Madness

Day 6-October 6, 2014-Planes, Trains, and Automobiles

Day7--October 7, 2014-Finding the Beauty in What You Can't See

Day 8--October 8, 2014-Traveling in Foreign Lands

Day 9--October 9, 2014- Traveling

Day 10--October 10, 2014 - Traveling Still

Day 11--October 11, 2014-Before You Leave

Day 12-October 12, 2014-One Last Look

Day 13-October 13, 2014-Photographs and Memories

Day 14- October 14, 2014-Trying to Blog Here!

Day 15-October 15, 2014-Going the Distance

Day 16-October 16, 2014-Trying

Day 17-October 17, 2014-Not Seeing What is in Front of You!

Day 18-October 18, 2014-Counting Down the Days

Day 19-October 19, 2014

Day 20=

Day 21-October 21, 2014-Day 21- Education

Day 22-

Day 23-

Day 24-

Day 25-October 25, 2014- Starting Over

Day 26-October 26, 2014 Beginning Again

Day 27-October 27, 2014-Lost and Found

Day 28-October 28, 2014-Always Beginning Again

Day 29- October 29, 2014-Giving Life a Second Chance

Day 30-October 30, 2014- Productivity, Creativity and Eating

DAY 31! --October 31, 2014-Luck, Rehabilitation and 1973